How can I start going by my chosen name in school?

The new term is starting in a few weeks and I want to start going by a different name (I completely hate my name). How can I tell my teachers without sounding mean? Further more, what if they refuse to call me anything but my real name? I need answers.

Other answer:

Explain the situation and don't make any demands.

Just approach your teachers on your own time like before or after school when they aren't overly busy. Explain that you have always hated your name and why and that you have decided you would like to be called something else. Ask if they would be willing to try to call you by the new name and tell them you understand it might be challenging but explain how appreciative you'll be.

Be nice and don't get mad if they mess up.

I highly doubt they will refuse but if they do, get your parents involved. It's their job to make students feel safe and comfortable at school and something like a different name should not be a huge issue.

If you have legally changed your name, give them a copy of the paper that shows that you have legally changed your name. If you have not legally changed your name and it is only your first name that you want to change, good luck with that. It won't happen unless your name can be shortened, for example, you have been going by Madeleine and you now want to be Maggie or Maddie. But, Madeleine is a beautiful name. A completely different name – they are not going to call you someone you are not. I wouldn't. I would suggest you get it changed legally and then I would be more than happy to call you by your legal name.
have your name legally changed to what you want, then there is nothing they can do about it
registering for school very likely requires identification etc and if you try to register without some legal documentation you will be registered in your name
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The fifty or so teachers I have had all call me by my nickname. Just mention ur name happily

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