How come Schools are'nt teaching what their teaching now on the internet to everyone?

All people in each state that owns property even single people pay taxes & in those taxes is Educational taxes.

Other answer:

what is the internet teaching, all I see is various web sites with information that may or may not be valid and in some cases can really be misleading
I do agree the school systems have been failing our children for decades and it isn't getting any better, in fact the more the gov't spends on education the worse it gets
if those who post here are any example of the current generation with some primary education, we are in the world of hurt for the future
Pascal the Gambler:
Because then the taxes would have to go up to support all of that, and most people wouldn't bother to use it.
i + i:
Your question needs to be rewritten to make more sense.
Are you asking why all education in the US is not free
over the internet because we are all paying taxes for it?
Good question (if that's it).
Max Hoopla:
Do you have a question about what schools are or are not teaching or do you just want to whine?
Bostonian In MO:
It would appear that you failed to avail yourself of an education when you had the chance. Either that or your school district failed you miserably.
after reading all the crap on here, those tax dollars for education is being wasted.

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