How do health deductibles work?

Ex. My deductible is $5500. So if I go to the ER do I just pay the copay? Or do I pay for the whole visit until the deductible is met?

Best Answer:

Christina: If your insurance has co-pays for certain things, such as doctor visits or ER visits, then you pay just the co-pay for those basic services. However, if you go to the ER, and they order several tests or a procedure of some kind is needed, then the extra services provided by the ER could become part of your deductible that you would need to pay those charges out of pocket until you reach your deductible.

Other answer:

Despite the confident answers, we'd have no idea how your policy works. It'll say in your description of your benefits whether a particular item is before or after the deductible. Nobody here knows how your policy works.
It would completely depend on how your insurance policy is set up.

On my insurance, for example, I have a $1000 deductible, but if I went to the ER today, I would only be responsible for my $200 copay. The deductible only applies to "special" services. A simple ER visit would not require any "special" services.

You should ask them. Just because you have a high deductible, doesn't mean they wouldn't pay a piece of your ER bill. Or they might have totally separate rules for it. If you don't ask them, you won't know for sure.

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