How do I file Home Repairs on my taxes?

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You don't, they aren't deductible, they're a personal expense.
you don't
there are personal expenses and not deductible, actually your personal expenses are included in the standard deduction you claim
Dan B:
Your primary residence isn't eligible for tax deductions. Home improvements are added to the base cost of your home to reduce your capital gains taxes if or when you sell.

If the home is a rental, you can deduct lots of expenses on a rental property form 1040 Schedule E

Max Hoopla:
Not at all
Pascal the Gambler:
You don't. Home repairs are not deductible.
You don't. Home repairs are not deductible. Home upgrades are not deductible either but can be used to increase the cost basis for your house.

A new roof is a repair. A new room would be an upgrade. With the capital gains exclusion for your primary residence for most people, keeping track of your cost basis isn't as important as it used to be.

Wayne Z:
You don't. There has never been a tax deduction for repairs to your residence.

However, see Form 5695 if you made any Energy Efficient Improvements to the home.

Home repairs are not tax deductible.
Can you? The only country where maintenance on a house is tax deductible. Houses are not there for creating money/income.