How do i find out who died/lived in my house before me for free ( in australia)?

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steph: LOL

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Ask the neighbors.
Ask the previous owner or your R.E. agent.
you don't
Kt Skycat:
I don't know, but a good place to start is the old person in the neighborhood who has lived there for more than 10 years, and ask them for as many names as they can remember. Here in California our county supervisor's office has all of the houses built in the county and all of the blueprints for each house and copies of the ownership deeds for each house, so I suppose in Australia the place to start would be a similar bureau. But that would just be a list of owners, not residents. We got a lot of our information from the old-timers down the block who remembered who built our house and a few of the successive residents' names as well. From there we could look up death records and such at the county registry. Good luck in finding your answers!