How do I get my first job being 21 years old?

I live in the United States, so a job is not owed to you or considered a right.

I did manage to get my high school diploma, pretty much all D's 🙁 I didn't realize my grades were important until literally one week before graduation, yep, they let me graduate.

I will not be able to start applying until I

I live in the United States, so a job is not owed to you or considered a right.

I did manage to get my high school diploma, pretty much all D's 🙁 I didn't realize my grades were important until literally one week before graduation, yep, they let me graduate.

I will not be able to start applying until I am back home (I won't be able to go to an interview while still on the other side of the country) which will be maybe at the beginning of January.

I will have a McDonald's, convenience store, and some other restaurants less than a mile away from me, so just a few minutes walk to a job (if they hire me).

I expect no more than minimum wage part time starting out.

I've been stuck (literally for a long long time) and now I am 21 and have not started life at all. I never had a girlfriend, I never kissed, I'm still a virgin (I am a guy), I never had any kind of job, I barely managed to pass high school, never been to a party, never had many friends (and went long times with 0 friends), can't handle driving a car (and probably will never nail that, it's literally the hardest thing there is, at least for me). My youth was a waste, socially failed, and I wasn't even that kid who was super smart and excelled educationally.

I could stock shelves, clean tables, something easy like that, as a first job. I am nervous to have to manage money in front of people, I am terrified that I will mess up and it'll be worse being in front of people which will make it even harder.
Also I am often, very socially awkward (I think I explained what led to me being that way, all that social rejection) but sometimes just fine socially (I switch through many moods and personalities).

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Andy L:
You recognized that you pissed away the first 21 years, only now recognizing that if you don't wake up you are destined to a life of minimum wage struggling.
You are looking a little short term, and maybe that's all you can see, but it's not just about getting a job.
You have to decide about self-improvement and skills and whether you are willing to begin again, this time putting in an effort. Look at your potential skills in trade schools as you simply apply for whatever fast food and low skill jobs but the key here is whether that's all you seek in life.
About girlfriends, get in better physical shape, learn to respect yourself and the people around you, and basically if you can accept that it is time to do what it takes begin a goal setting.

Instead of seeing yourself as a failure, how about a late blooming flower ready to impress the world with your abilities and figure out what you can do well. Whether it is in the arts, mechanical skills, there has to be something you can apply yourself into. You see, unskilled jobs have been on the decline, and anything you get cannot be all that there is.

I don't know of any countries in which jobs are thought to be "owed" to citizens, are considered a "right". And getting a job is not something that should be taught in public schools. That's not their purpose.

You need to start applying for anything you might be able to get. Note that many employers don't ask for your GPA. They just want to know that you got that high school diploma. You could certainly qualify to work in fast food or stocking store shelves or in manual labor. You knows? You might work your way up.

Everyone's nervous with a first job. That's normal.

As for your social problems, I wonder if perhaps you've got some neurological issues, possibly you are on the autism spectrum and were never diagnosed. I think you need to see a therapist at some point to try to figure out what's going on. In any case, if you can handle a job, and if you now grasp the importance of education, you may want, in the future, to start taking some classes at a community college, in order to try to improve your skills. That would help you meet people, too, and perhaps establish some friendships.

But right now, focus on getting a job and then on seeing a therapist.

Do you have any family to rely on, to be supportive in any way? And what have you been doing since you graduated from high school?

I'm also puzzled by your claim that you didn't know grades in school were important. This is something people absorb as a matter of course. That's why I'm wondering whether you are neurologically impaired in some way. If so, you might qualify for some sort of public assistance.

Social rejection is likely to have occurred BECAUSE you are socially awkward, not the other way around.

Well s h I t, you literally just described me to t, except I didn't try to joking the peace corps and the military, what you need to understand is, you don't start life until you Finnish college, your 21 with no experirnce, so the fact is getting a job, even McDonald s or something is about as hard as a convicted felon, forget work, get yourself in a 2 year school and get your liberal arts degree, then go for a bachelors degree, go full time, if you have at least a bachelor degree you could then get a job most likely, trust me
as I stated before the current public education system is a waste of good taxpayer money
it sounds like you finally had an awakening and realize that education is important, you do have a high school diploma so you can go on to more education and this time if you actually apply yourself you might actually benefit
as for getting a job you simply need to enter every place that appears might have jobs you can do without experience, fill out the application they provide you and move on to the next one, this might take some time and a lot of applications but sooner or later you will find one and get hired
in the meantime to overcome your lack of social skills you might volunteer at places where there is no experience required, you will meet new people, might actually find friends and overcome some of your awkwardness
Physical labor jobs might be a good place to start. Landscape labor is a good spring/summer/fall job and they might put you on a crew so you don't need transportation.
Try to find a life coach who can help you balance your abilities and restrictions. Most people are good at something like construction or gardening, or doing repetitive task consistently, a coach might find you your place.
My nephew for example is brain damaged and can never live independently. He is working sorting recycling in a sheltered workshop, most of us would be bored doing that but for him it is challenging and he is a proud productive member of society. A girl with down syndrome has a goal to land a job bringing in shopping carts like her friend. She will get SSI and live with her mom so even a volunteer job would be good for her. She has been offered a job working in a daycare by someone who knows her.
Not sure there's an easy answer for you. I think you can do it, get a job to start, but given that you admittedly have some deficiencies, you'll simply have to try harder and longer that some other people. Don't be afraid to be persistent, apply in more places, different types of businesses, keep going back and asking again. Try to make friends who might be able to help and advise you. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
Dr. Stephanie:
You are clearly articulate and intelligent, but facing some significant challenges socially, as well as career wise. How, I wonder, did your parents raise you to be so unprepared? Be that as it may, and they did you no favors, its up to you from now on and you are faced with having to learn what they failed to teach you. I would have been interested in what medications you referred to, and that caused the military to reject you. My sense is that you need to start working, almost at anything, to begin the process of learning how to be self sufficient. It almost doesn't matter which job, as long as you start doing something, for now. Try to focus on what you can offer your employer, rather than your present shortcomings; tell them you are hard working, honest, have good character, a willingness and ability to learn , and that you are reliable. And be all these things, as well. Good luck, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
i know how you feel i was 21 when i got my first job. i didnt finish high school either i got my GED at 20. then i relized i needed current job skills so i enrolled in a trade school to have something to put on a resume. because its easier to get a job when you show that you're doing something with your life.while i was in school i got my first job at a grocery store. it sucked but it was a start. also try temp agencies. just google. you got this!
ebe b:
You can still go to community college with those grades and prove yourself. Nowadays, you really need higher education to make a decent living. Also, on your fafsa, you can apply for work study. This means the college will assist you in getting some work while you go to college. I urge you to consider some type of training to better your situation. Good luck. You can do it. Colleges offer free tutoring if you need it.
ibu guru:
Try looking for work as a stock clerk at a supermarket or Walmart, Target, etc.