How do I know how much insurance will cover for therapy?

My mom and i are looking for a therapist for me to go to but we cant afford too much. Most sessions cost from $50-$100 but they accept our insurance. Does that mean we won't have to pay a certain amount? Please help

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Vii: Your mother needs to read the insurance booklet. If she doesn't have it then she needs to call the insurance company.

Most insurance companies have a deductible which must be met before they will begin to make any insurance payments. For example, maybe the deductible is $500. That means that only after your family has $500 in medical expenses will the insurance company begin to pay anything. Then, once they begin paying, they don't pay the entire bill. They have what is called a "reasonable cost." Say the therapist charges $120. The insurance company might say that the reasonable cost for that service is $100. Usually an insurance company will pay 80% of the reasonable cost so in this instance, the insurance company would pay $80 and your mother would be responsible for $20.

Your mother or father will have to make payment arrangements about the deductible before the insurance coverage kicks in.

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Call your insurance company and ask. There is a phone number on the insurance card.
Casey Y:
You ask your insurer.

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