How do I locate a matured policy that has been turned over to the state unclaimed property division?

Other answer:

You generally work directly with the unclaimed property division of your state, but about 30 or more states participate in a database sharing

This looks at top level with advice to dig deeper…

I claimed an insurance refund from about 10 years ago in a different state.

It takes a long time to get the money, and they need to review the request against their records to substantiate. Some can be done entirely online with no additional paper submission. I did that for a friend of mine on 6 claims clearing a several hundred dollars.

Each state has their own way of dealing with it, and you need to find their web site and search and filing method.

David and Stephanie:
Do a Google search for your state's unclaimed property division, and read the instructions on how to locate unclaimed property and file a claim.
Contact your state's unclaimed property division.
google "unclaimed property" followed by your state name
Ask local educated adults in ur state.
Try googling it in ur state

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