How do I ship something?

I want to ship something without my parents knowing. If I just put a (small) package in the mail box and put up the red flag will it ship or do I have to pay something? Sorry I know nothing about the world lmao

Other answer:

Well, yeah, you have to pay to ship something. You can put stamps on it, but only if it is under 13 oz. Go to for shipping prices (you have to have a scale to weight it, as well as measuring tape, a ruler, or a yardstick.
Yes, mailing something costs money. You can look up how much on the post office website.

If it's small enough to be cheap, you can put enough stamps on the package to pay for it. Otherwise, you probably need to go to the post office.

Yes it costs postage (money) to mail (ship) something, but yeah if you put mail in your mail box then put up the red flag the mailman with take it. You can ask the mailman for the cost if you want.
You have to pay. Amount can depend on size, weight, and destination.

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