How do I withhold taxes? And what is withholding taxes?

And do you still have to file a form, when you withhold your taxes?

Other answer:

You don't withhold. Your employer withholds. Withholding is when an employer sends part of an employee's pay to the government.

Even though your employer withholds, you still have to file a form.

If you are an employee, your employer withholds the taxes. You file the tax return, because withholding is only an estimate.
If you're withholding taxes from employees, then no. You have to just not pay your employee the amount of the taxes they owe the IRS. Then put the money into a payroll tax payable account and keep record of how much should be paid and pay the IRS after you close every quarter.
if you are self employed you don't withhold taxes, you will prepay what you expect to owe each quarter with form 1040ES
an employer withholds taxes from his employees, he reports each quarter and if he pays a large payroll he may deposit what he owes at the time several times a month
withholding includes the mandated SS and Medicare(also a state mandated tax) and income tax for both fed and state
Pascal the Gambler:
You withhold taxes if you are paying someone else.
still have to file. What's withheld is just an estimate. Your employer does the withholding.
your employer withholds the taxes and ends it to the IRS on your behalf.
You have to file with the government.

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