How do insurance brokers get paid?

I know their salaries are based on commissions. But at what point during the application does the broker include his bank account for him/her to get paid for opening a policy, on for example geigo website. ? Thanks!

Other answer:

Think about it this way. Say you buy a car from a dealership. No where on the contract does it say, paying (X) amount of commission to the dealership or guy who sold you the car.

It is the same with insurance. Most companies have set up a % they pay to sell a policy, to the broker/agent and it is paid by the COMPANY, not you.

The odd thing about with "some" insurance, if you buy direct from the company vs an agent, is the same price, but they will pay an agent/broker a commission, since the key is that the agent/broker will deal with you, answer questions or handle problems vs the insurance company so worth paying them the commission.

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Casey Y:
The carrier pays the broker. If otherwise, the broker bills the client directly. Or, the broker bills for the gross and only sends in the net (less commission) to the carrier.
Youre typically working with a company like farmers insurance that will handle the accounting and pay you.
99.9% of the time, you re not paying the broker. The insurance company pays the broker.