How do people who live in tiny houses (aka mobile homes that are made to live in permanently) get wifi, electricity, etc.?

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Kena: A "tiny house" on wheels is not a "mobile home" unless it was built in a factory prior to 1976. Putting a house on a trailer just means you would need to have electrical, plumbing and signalling connections that can be undone and refastened fairly quickly, when you want to roll to another place. Some internet access is available via satellite or cellular phone channels. Electricity may be available on a custom-wired connection provided for the purpose, or by using an "extension cord" temporarily, or using a self-contained "generator" that runs on liquid or gaseous fuels of some kind (often the same propane used for cooking).

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The Tiny House TV program is very misleading! You must rent a space in a mobile home park or buy or rent property to install or park the unit. (Most cities have restrictions on land use of this type). If you buy or rent vacant land you will have to pay to have water, electricity, wi fi, TV installed which can be very expensive. There is no free living!!!
That is a very good question. They would first need to buy a serviced lot
that the town/city would allow a tiny house to be parked on. That is one of the big
problems that is never mentioned in all this hype about tiny houses.
Just like regular houses.
A modem only needs one outlet. You could get wifi anywhere as long as you have a modem, how big the structure is doesn't matter.
I think some use a gas powered generator and there are plenty of free public wifi signals, like at restaurants,library,schools,even hospitals.
A generator