How do you convert BAHT (Thai $) To Canadian $?

Heard many stories of people getting ripped off in Thailand because the didn't do the math. Wanted to know a simple way of converting the money when on the go. Thanks!

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the exchange rates are published each day, the banks have that information and will exchange the money for you, if you don't trust the bank then don't go there in the first place
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A person is not "ripped off" if he just does not "do the math." Simple way of converting money is to use ATMs which are everywhere, or use a bank which posts the rates for the day.
no name:
You walk into a bank or currency exchange. They will have the exchange rate posted. You tell them how much you want to exchange. They will do a calculation and tell you how much baht you will get.
When out and about you will be using Thai baht, no conversion.
Get cash at a bank ATM. Banks give the best exchange rate.
Chris P:
The exchange rate fluctuates all the time, you'd need to use whatever rate is in effect at the time you travel.

At the moment 1 Thai Baht is worth 3.7 Canadian cents; so for an approximate conversion, just divide the number of Baht by 25.

BTW. Don't use the $ symbol for the Baht, the correct symbol is ฿


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