How do you get a loan if you want to havea store?

Other answer:

You need to first have collateral worth more than the value of the loan – your home, other property, etc – that can be repossessed in case the store fails
You need to have a solid detailed business plan showing a 5 year budget, sales projections, etc
You need to show WHY you will be successful opening a store – past experience owning or running a similar business, other relevant experience, etc
Then you make an appointment with the loan officer at your bank who will review the paperwork and decide if they believe you have a valid business proposal and you are credit worthy enough to get a loan that they know will be repaid on time
Elaine M:
You do a business plan and go down to a bank to talk with them about a loan.
Start with a simple business plan and financial projections to understand whether the business is viable.
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