How do you handle being passed over for several promotions even though you are the top ranked person at your position?

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Jadzia Dax: Union job? file a grievance. Non union talk to your manager if you get a BS reply find a new job

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Jadzia Dax:
Who has told you that you are the top ranked person at your position? Is it the same person who makes the decisions about promotions? Realize that there could be a number of factors at play here. For one thing, there may be skill sets that are not transferable at play. For example, being a great salesperson with high sales numbers and good credit sign up rates may make you a top ranked salesperson, but doesn't mean you would be a good supervisor. It is also possible that you are too valuable in your current position for them to want to promote you out of it. Bottom line is that you would need to find out why you've been passed over for the promotions to determine how you want to address it.
Long time manager here: Example – I have a Lead who is very good at the process, and can really move the work out. She is, however, in no way management material. She' s just not built that way and cannot be expected to supervise anyone. She's not good at talking to clients either because she's so easily intimidated. Therefore, she will not likely move up any further.
Ask your manager for advice.
Let it be someone elses responsibility, they can fail miserably and its not my problem.
sounds like you need to be looking for another job, or accept what you have and do your job
Gary B:
Find a new job, then quit

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