How do you make money online?

I want to create my own website, but how do you make a free one. And what is the best way to make money online.

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Are you looking to create a website to be used to make money online?

Although there are a bunch of websites that are free on the internet I would
only recommend them to be used as a source for getting traffic to your
"money page".

You will be at the mercy of the sites owner and will be removed at any time
without notice, there goes your income stream if that happens.

Yes, I recommend that you invest a small amount of money to purchase a
domain name and hosting to get started.

Making money online is a business and should be treated as such.

Invest into your business with either money or time, even both and you will be a proud business owner making a living on the internet.

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Don't expect some simple set and forget thing, you would probably have to invest a lot of time before you see any returns. Most small time sites make very little.

The most common way is ad revenue from a magazine style publication site with lots of original quality content that earns search engine ranking and lots of visitors. Some lower earning sites might need 10,000 visitors to earn the min payout from the popular Google Adsense system. It's possible to use the same account to make money both from text content and videos on youtube. Creating such content site takes a dedicated effort and is a lot easier if you have a passion for something to help keep you motivated for the months it can take to develop a following, once it's established you can probably coast a bit but still need to add new content perhaps once a week.

Money makes in online

3.Buying and selling domains
4.Online marketing
5.Marketing themes
6.Researching for others
7.Selling photos

Rick Salas:
You can make money online in many ways but most are short lived. Others are sometimes some type of windfall to where someone just gets lucky. If a lot of people are doing the same thing it has a limited life span. Or you can learn how to become a valuable leader in anything you do. Long life span,,,Your website should be built around your passions and set up with information on how you can help people. Let me just say that you have to be the best in a niche (group of people) because of competition. You don't have to know everything in your tight niche but it's easy to do. If youre somewhere in between it's only a matter of time before the market drives you out. If you're the best in providing cutting edge information and show people you are the very top or on your way to being the top expert in your niche, the sky is the limit. You just cant take a certain portion of a market anymore. You have to find out what your stregnths and weaknesses are. If you like becoming an innovator and helping other people become an innovator and open new markets or maybe you like to create products, maybe you like to teach just because you always wanted to do that, not just because it makes you money, maybe you might like to learn and help struggling network marketers find where their buyers hang out. But nobody makes money anyway. Nobody has a money printer, only the government does. Money is exchanged through providing something of value and the buyer pays a certain amount. The money comes from what you enjoy doing and the value and results you get for others. If you look at it as just wanting to make money, you wont put as much work into it as somebody who really enjoys doing that. So it's all about what you want to do and how you want to go about it. So, you see, it's all about value. Even if you start a network marketing company to where all you have to do is learn a few things and do them every day, where's the value? You can learn valuable things and become an expert in anything. Even network marketing but even the network marketing leaders, most of them sell what sells. They dont teach what they actually do. It doesn't sell east because it's too hard and people want to make money now. But more money is made through repeat buyers who value you. Less is more. You see? People want what the internet tells everybody. That anybody can just easily make money anytime in anything. You have to have a total business with all the parts with you as the go to person instead of somebody else you might or might not promote. That's why so many people struggle sometimes for years. The people who enjoy trying new ideas in a business, failing, getting help helping others and failing them come up with a great way to serve others and become the best at something for a certain type of person and dominates everything in that niche for years the gets outsourcing going because they can afford it then they move to new levels. They always research and adapt to new markets coming. instead of doing stuff to make other people rich. Just something to think about. True but saying because I feel I have to say this to you because I care. I really do. That's what makes the online world so satisfying. Because we can do the right thing and share what works and recommend different ways of looking at things.
Making your own website or blog can be a great way to make money on the Internet and if a successful site can even be a full time job. However, creating a successful site or blog takes lots of work, learning, and is not something that will start making money immediately. Before any site or blog can start making serious money, it needs to be getting lots of visitors.
Making a SEO optimized website will take lots of effort and also making money with adsense is not easy , you can try other money making sources like some companies like amazon are hiring work at home executives you can try them ,you can see the list of top 10 companies that are hiring for work at home jobs.
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Just building a free website is not going to produce cash flow at all. You need a system more than anything where you can build a list of qualified subscribers in your niche. Once you do that you can follow up with your offers.
Karl Skotte:
the only way to make money online is to sell things
the only way to make money online is to sell things

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