How do you put your tax refund on your walmart moneycard?

Other answer:

You need to login to the Walmart* web site and to get your account number and the Walmart direct deposit number.

Or if you don't have an online account access, you can go online and fill in your Moneycard number and your mobile phone number and they will verify your number and text you the direct deposit information.

Put those numbers on your tax return.

David and Stephanie:
You would need to know the account number and routing number for the account associated with your card, then you would put that information on your tax return in the direct deposit section. Note – the account number is NOT the same as the number on the actual debit card.

Or you can just have the IRS mail you a paper check, then take the check to Walmart and have them put the funds in your account.

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if there are identifying numbers for your Walmart card simply enter them on the 1040 where you supply the numbers for your deposit to be made
it is entirely possible your destination does not have those required numbers and you cannot do it
Cathi K:
You put the routing and account numbers on the 1040

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