How do you start a business idea?

So if I had an idea who would I turn to first? Investors? If it was a physical product e.g. A car, some sort of machine etc. how would I start the idea and turn it into a product? If I pitch to possible investors will they aid an entrepreneur in actually turning the idea into reality?

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Brian Mcilwee:
1-Describe the product/idea.
2-Type up a detailed description of the product/idea
3-Make a detailed drawing of the product or idea. In the case of a product you want a 'mechanical' drawing that details each part, part specifications including materials and in the case of an idea you need a unique description of how the idea will be executed.
4-In the case of a product, you need to make a working model. That means you need to make one that works the way you intended it to.

After you do all of that, you need to go on line and research: Who will use a thing that does 'thingy thing things' the way that my new thing does these things?"

Make a list of those companies and go to their websites and search until you find the person who is the buyer or purchaser. You may need to make phone calls and ask questions to get the name of the right contact person.

And then you call or email them and set up a meeting so you can show them the working model /idea in action.

See if you can find the book called How to Create Fund and Start Your Own Business. Someone, somewhere has a copy. If it is not at your library, have a bookstore order it for you.

Otherwise go to a four year business college.

John D:
Since your idea is a product, apparently – a "thing" – you need to make the thing. You get to pay for that and very often it doesn't actually work as planned anyway. People invest in real things, not just ideas. Yes, it's hard.
depends on the idea

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