How easy is it to find a house tbat just uses electricity?

I am currently living in a apartment and the only utility I have to pay is the lights.I would like to find a rental home in the next month,that's like these apartments.How hard will it be? And how do I go about finding a home like this?

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Pretty easy, actually. These types of houses are in most big cities, usually on street corners and made out of nylon. Rent in these types of places is free, as well as all utilities. The lights come on every single day in the morning and turn off every day at night. Free water is also provided, but it depends on the weather and where you decide to set up your home.
Almost impossible. Did you forget about water? Cable, telephone,internet?
Slim chance of finding that. Most house rentals require the tenant to pay all utilities. It is only included in apartments because it is shared & impossible to determine who uses how much.
Casey Y:
Since you are renting, you can likely find places with utilities included. That being said, why?? You do realize that, by paying utilities through your lease, you are actually paying for more than you use…right?
Beverly S:
You will always have water as well…
unless you live in a hot climate, it is VERY expensive to run electric heat. All electric is not common in my area.
Good luck!

No one does it because it's too expensive to use electricity only. With a gas water heater (and stove) you may have two separate utility bills, but it will be MUCH cheaper.

Also apartments usually only make their tenants pay for electricity. THEY pay gas, and other things, themselves. In a home, you're going to have to pay for electricity, the gas, not to mention having to invest in a shovel/plow, rake, and/or a lawn mower as when renting an actual house, most times YOU have to keep up the lawn, too. Not in ALL cases, but in many, so be aware of that. Talk to whoever you're renting from in advance to make sure what all in included and what isn't! Sometimes the owner will have those things, but then it's up to you to get the gas for the snowblower and/or lawnmower and – whether it's yours or the owners' – keep up with the maintenance of such things.

Pascal the Gambler:
Probably tough, since most people don't use all electric heat because it's super expensive.
Do you mean that you want the house to be "all electric? Or do you mean that you want the landlord to include water and cable and such in your rent?
The all electric idea would be pretty easy- the other would be hard.