How expense can health insurance be?

Lets say you wanted the best health insurance and just happened to be a millionaire, just how expense can it be per month? Also, does the cost go by much you make?

Other answer:

There are subsidies for low income people, but above that amount, nobody gets charged more.

They don't necessarily buy expensive plans, they self insure if its more cost effective…without a crystal ball.

The best doctors I know do not accept any insurance whatsoever, since the rates are lower than what they can charge anyway. Btw, those "best doctors" can have wait-lists months long…

Health insurance goes by age, zip code and which plan you pick. The price doesn't change by your income. But, if you buy off an exchange, the price can get subsidized if you make UNDER a certain amount.ll
The cost is in no way based on how much you make at the top end. You can buy a policy that has no deductibles or co-pays and covers everything and it would cost you about $1200-$2000/month depending on your age.
I think the most expensive health care is the one without insurance…
If you are wealthy you find out which plan your doctors accept. The only break you get is a premium subsidy according to your income and family size.

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