How fast will Trump get rid of all the corrupted A Holes 0bama planted in Govt?

Other answer:

Fast, but it will be an ongoing thing that will take all four years.
Any success and DJT will win another term. Sorry liberals, but
the electorate has spoken.

The popular vote has little bearing. I would not count Los Angeles
County with is over 50% government depending and infested with
illegal folk.

Probably as fast as Putin approves of Donnie's new choices.
I hope within 2 weeks these traitors can be thrown out.
Coop 366:
An replace them with his billionaire buddies?
When he plants even bigger A Holes in their place.
Its Over:
obama administration has been the most corrupt in all of history!
fairly smart:
As soon as he finds enough bankster criminals who want to steal your welfare from you.

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