How hard is it to fail in a 8 month medical assisting program?

Best Answer:

bloodresident: That depends on you doesnt it? We don't know what you will find hard at all. When I taught MAs, about half failed out, but they should not have been there to begin with. The material can be challenging for many and you need to do procedures as well like draw blood and give shots. You learn basic anatomy and physiology do drug calculations and need to know medical terminology. You could look at a certifying site such as NCCT that has some practice tests and info on it to get a taste of the knowledge base.

Other answer:

Well how much effort are you going to put into it? I'd suspect it's pretty hard to flunk if you show up and pay attention.
If you are trying to fail, it is rather easy to do. If you are trying to succeed, then you need to pay attention and put forth some effort.
It's probably extremely easy. Just pay no attention during the training or during the tests.

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