How long can i be gone for?

I want to take some times off work, like 3 months vacation – no pay. Is this even possible?

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ken truong:
It depends upon the company, your job, and the management.
There is no legal requirement to hold your job until your return, and 3 months is taken as quitting unless advance arrangements are made, and they don't have to honor those arrangements unless in writing.
Company locations with more employees have a better ability to balance workload. There are people leaving permanently on a regular basis and hiring and firing and sabbaticals and training are all part of the daily routine. There are jobs where multiple people are doing the same job, and some jobs that are unique. There are companies that are flexible with time, and others very strict.

You don't know anything unless speaking with your manager about it.
If they hire someone new to fill your job, they may not take you back in that job or any other.

Delete, Rewind.X:
Depends on your employer. They have no legal obligation to hold your job for 3 months for personal leave.

Many companies would not allow unpaid leave for so long because they would have to hire, train and employ a new person for 3 months, which would cost them.

You should talk to your HR department or Manager.

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3 months? what makes you think your job can survive being gone that much, if you can take this kind of time away from it apparently it is not a major position or the company will find someone to do the job in your absence
Depends on your employer. Some employers would allow a leave of absence depending on the reason. So you'll have to ask them.

…but it IS possible. People have done it. Your employer just has to agree to it. Otherwise, you'll either need to decide to quit the job or decide not to take the 3 months vacation.

With almost any employer, you'd have to quit and take your chances on whether they have an opening and want to hire you when you want to come back.
Beverly S:
Up to your company. Most won't agree since they need the work done.
No job is going to let you leave for three months. Unless they don't really need you to begin with.
Donald B:
It completely depends upon the company. Many companies will say no so do not be surprised if you cannot

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