How long can u keep a credit card ?

Ok I just got my first Captial one credit card with a 300 dollar limit a few months ago and I always pay on time before the due date and I just wanted to know how long are u able to keep the same credit card ?

Best Answer:

Travis: As long as you keep your card paid on time, the company will not cancel the card. In theory, you can keep the same card for your lifetime.

Cards have an expiration date, but as long as your account is good, a new card is sent before the old one expires.

Sometimes, a bank or card company might change ownership. If that happens, your card might be taken over by a new company or bank. In most cases, all good accounts will remain open. The new company would issue new cards.

One last thing. The age of your oldest account helps your credit score. The longer you have the same card and keep the card paid on time, the higher your credit score will go.

Other answer:

For as long as you like. If you dont want a card, you can cancel it at any time but unless you misuse the card or if you are way past due your bill, the company does not block or cancel the card. This card holds good until expiry date. However, you will be sent a new card to replace this one well before expiry.
Forever, as long as the credit card bank or company stays in business.
Usually several years. There should be an expiration date somewhere on the card.
Dan B:
Forever until one of three things happen:
1. You close the account because you don't need it anymore
2. The bank closes it because of:
a. you fail to make on time payments or fail to make payments at all
b. frequent over limit
3. Your bank is bought and absorbed by another bank
each card has an expiration date and will be renewed before that date
Until you die, if you wish; but you will probably upgrade as you go along and then cancel this card.
Flatulent Tea Bag Face:
See the expiry date, but they will usually send you another one just before your current one expires.
Jake No Chat:
For years and years if you use it properly, pay the required amounts and the company stays in business.
Jadzia Dax:
Forever as long as you pay the bill

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