How long does 3 business days take?

ok im sorry the question is really stupid but for example i ordered something on monday and the expected delivery date is 3 business/working days. does this mean i'll receive it on thursday (tues-wed-thurs) or on friday (meaning they'll take up tues,wed,thurs, then i receive it on fri)

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Andy L:
Business days are Monday to Friday minus any national bank holidays.
Until an item is actually given to a carrier, you cannot get a good estimation of delivery date. Even with the estimated date, it can arrive a day earlier or later unless a guarantee was paid for as part of the shipping contract.

Actual wording is easy to mis-read as to what it represents.
If it does include preparation for shipping and hand-off to carrier, Monday is not officially counted, and three days is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for a Thursday delivery. Earlier in the day orders give a better chance for the seller to get the item to the carrier on that day.

I ordered a laptop from with standard delivery on a Monday morning, and because of their location near Los Angeles and mine in Las Vegas, I actually received it late in the day Tuesday with no premium paid for handling or shipping.

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Elaine M:
They do not count weekends or holidays. So count 3 'business' days.
Mon – Fri are business days. Sat & Sun are not. If you ordered it on Mon, Tues is the first business day. Wed & Thurs – Thurs is day 3. So, you should have it on Thursday.
Chris P:
It depends what time you ordered it on Monday.

If it was before their last picking and distribution, then you should receive it on Thursday; if it was after that it will probably be Friday.

Remember that it's only the 'expected' delivery date, it could arrive a few days earlier or later.

your ordered it on Mon and the delivery will take three business days, Tues,, Wed. and Thurs, should be sometime Thurs.

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