How long does it take to get a building permit in your town/city?

I am interested in how long the procedure of obtaining building permits takes in other towns/cities in other countries outside SCG?Here, the time scales are really excessive and people are extremely unsatisfied..

Best Answer:

kaitlin: In Cape Town the process can take anything from one to 18 months, depending on the departures (variances) involved, and the neighbours' attitudes. The problem is that the municipality isn't legally equipped to change codes generally agreed to be harmful, and instead tries to encourage people to apply for departures. The result is that perfectly everyday projects have a lot of departures and appeal processes and red tape, which takes forever and would cause me to age before my time if I couldn't pay other people to worry about it.

Other answer:

Depends on the type of permit. A minor improvement or repair – as little as one day. A "new build" house or building? Months.
Depends on what you plan on building and whether the location is zoned for it.
About a week.

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