How long should you wait to call back after a job interview at a restaurant?

Other answer:

Job vacancies are usually taken up in 4 days maximum. If after 4 days you haven't got a call, it's because they employed someone else
The restaurant should have told you at the interview of when to expect a reply, or if not heard from by such a date then such and such result, but if have not been told at interview of interview result I would give it 3-7 days if not the next day.
Local Directory:
3 days.
Following up shows your keen interest and serves as a reminder the interviewer.
2 days.
Happy Gramps:
you would NOT call, BUT you would send an email after 2 weeks if you are not contacted ; your email would be something like: " I would like to know if I'm still being considered for the position of XXXCCCEEE or not. Thank you. "
Big Mouth:
Forever. It's a friggin' restaurant. Do you really wanna work there that bad?
Linda R:
You don't. If a potential employer has NOT called you in 2-3 weeks…………KEEP LOOKING!
Sally Cruz:
Employers like being called it shows you are committed and want the job so call and speak to the general manager tell them " hello my name is ____ i applied on _____ and wanted to check the status of my application ? "
only if they said you could call, maybe 3 days
Unless they told you to call them back-YOU DON'T

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