How many applications until an interview?

So I'm applying to jobs as I'm graduating college. I was wondering how many job applications on average does it take to land an interview?

I've sent out 25 applications and so far I haven't gotten any interviews. Only 18 rejections and the rest I haven't heard from yet.

Other answer:

It depends on the jobs and the field.

Personally, I've never applied for a job I didn't get, but then I work in a very specialist area with a massive shortage of qualified applicants.

Have you asked any of them for feedback about why you weren't invited for interview? It might be something simple that you're doing wrong on your applications.

Elaine M:
Understand that EVERY job posting will be having between 200-300 applications going to the place, only the top 10 get interviews.

Make your resume tailored for each specific position you're applying for.

It could be just one application or a thousand applications. It depends on the job market and your qualifications. How does your resume look? If 18 of your 25 applications were rejected, then something is wrong.
Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!:
It can take 25, it can take 225…it really depends on what you're applying for. This time of year (post-Christmas) can be difficult; many companies won't start interviewing until after the New Year.
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Casey Y:
It can take 1 or thousands. How competitive is your field?