How many cars do Americans buy?

It seems like every single other commercial is a car commercial.

No joke, and it doesn't matter what channel you're on, it's half cell phones half car commercials.

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Doug Freyburger: Our cars last about 10 years each and more often than not our family owns 2 or them. So a car about every 5 years for us.

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Doug Freyburger:
Probably an average of 2 per family or 1 for a single person. The reason why they advertise cars all the time is because some people are wealthy and greedy, which means that some of them always have to have the newest Honda even if their current one is only a few years old. Or they want each new sportscar. My family has two cars, a 2007 Ford F-150 and a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SE – they still run perfectly, they're both under 10 years old and we're content with what we have. And I tell you that if we were wealthy we wouldn't be purchasing every new car. We only buy a new one if one of them is showing signs of dying or major issues and that's the way it should be with everyone, really. One thing for sure is that it'd save a lot of money.
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02,070 Boston
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01,171 Minneapolis-St. Paul
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In low-death Hawaii idling your automobile, even a few seconds, is illegal.
Source: M.I.T.
The Oracle of Omigod:
Wait about a half year and see how many political ads are on, yet we still only have one president.
Julio C:
Almost 19 million units last year.
Also keep in mind the ads indirectly promoting used car sales also.

Two per family.
Used too many, new too few!

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