How many months out of the year do you work for the government by paying income taxes?

2 months? 3 months? 4 months!?

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cmac'm: Depends upon your income and a number of other factors.

There's a lot of hype about "Tax Freedom Day" by the Tax Foundation. They claim that it takes 114 days for the "average" American to cover their tax bill for state and federal income taxes.

The way that they arrive at that number is circumspect since the tax burden of very high income folks is lumped in with that of people whose income is so low that they don't pay any tax at all. At the median income for a family of 4 of around $56k, the real number would be closer to a couple of weeks and much of that would be to pay state income taxes. They would cover their $1,150 federal income tax hit in about 7.5 days.

My wife and I put in 66 days and 16 hours to cover our income tax load, and our income is well above the median family income and we have no kids to help reduce our taxable income and our tax bill. That's still a far cry from 114 days.

A lot of folks like to whine and wail about how high their taxes are, but compared to the rest of the industrialized world, US taxes are right at the very bottom of the list. The last time that I checked, Ireland and Australia had lower income tax RATES but more than made up for it with lower deductions, few credits, and much higher social taxes.

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Overall we work around three months. Eventually you get a lot of that back as Social Security.
Andy L:
It depends upon each individual.
Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire, and Tennessee have no tax on wages.

Total Federal Spending in a year is $3.85 trillion for about 324.5 million people so they spend $11,864 per person, whether getting a group or individual benefit or relayed back through states.
Individual Federal income tax is only $1.79 trillion, 46.5% of the total spending

Using 2014 data, the latest compiled and released high income pay the most taxes…
Using that data,
The bottom 32.1% of the returns filed, 47,708,083 returns, with adjusted gross income up to $20,000, paid 6,570,257,000 which is $137 each
The 51.9% middle income of over $20,000 to $100,000 77,127,033 people paid 310,636,890,000 or $4027 each
The other 23,725,064 of income over $100,000 paid 1,085,180,038,000 or about $45740…
You can use the tables, but unless earning over $100,000 in a tax return, the tax rates are next to nothing compared with spending.
You don't work much for the feds earning low wages.

I think it is somewhere around three months now.