How many of you have ever lied on your resume to get a job you weren't quite qualified for?

Over the years, I've encountered quite a few co-workers whose resumes were obviously "padded", and who lacked basic knowledge or skills associated with the experience or degree they claimed to have.

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DontLetYourPresidentGetYourA$$ Whupped:
It's all about the wording in the resume. Many resumes today need to look professionally and sound good in order to be considered in hiring. People dont exactly lie on their resume, just a bit of over exaggeration. I dont blame them, employers would look and treat you like trash if you dont value and speak good about yourselves

I have encountered someone with a title "chief financial officer" and she couldnt even do a basic excel spreadsheet SUMmation

DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi No strange as it might seem this has not been my privilege. having been given a systems mangers position back in 1990 it turns out i was more than qualified having studied the subject some years prior to this position being mine. strange how when i found out the original post holder objected for him to be told i knew his job as well a he did.
anyway background was what he lacked. this was why he did the usual bum licking and shoe cleaning with his tongue to get me moved into an even better position. same old issue having been qualified to do that as well. so he was happy was even happier as the next position was a doddle.
Never. That being said, I do prepare specific resumes for each job description,so that my skills and experience appear to be a better match. For instance, my job is half technical / half regulatory. When I apply to a tech job, they see my tech skills. The same for regulatory. The position titles stay the same, but the skill and accomplishments highlight what I think they are looking for based on the job description.
I dont have a professional job, waiting to finish my degree. However, for the casual jobs I had.. I have never lied. What I did was communicate face to face. Hence, I never had any big problems at an interview.
You don't need to lie. You just need to reword the resume to make it work for your advantage. There are resources you can read and follow for this purpose. See for one.
Nope. I hate having to tell a lie period. I can't see myself ever succeeding as a politician because of it.

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