How many time can you use a debet card in a day?

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It's going to depend on your bank and account. I can use my debit card for as many purchases as i want without a dollar or transaction number limit, however I can only get a certain amount of cash per 24 hour period.
Check with your financial institution. There is usually a daily limit for cash withdrawals, and if it has a credit card logo on it, there is usually a different daily limit for purchases, for your own protection. But that is not based on how "often" you use it, that is based on how much you spend or withdraw in a day total. If you contact your financial institution, you may be able to temporarily lift that limit, like if you need a higher limit to purchase a computer or something.
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As many times as you want as long as there is money in the account it's linked to.
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As long as you have funds to spend.
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