How many years would it take to become a TRILLIONAIRE?

If you came up with an innovative, different, unique, never has been seen, people need in in their daily lives, how many years would it take to become a trillionaire?

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Kathlyn: "Never has been seen" and "people need in in their daily lives" are mutually exclusive concepts.
Despite thousands of years of human accomplishments, nobody has ever become a trillionaire. Doing so legally would require not only a very high-volume, high-margin business model, but also would require several generations, rampant inflation, and the right circumstances.
But the short answer is- it depends on your concept. And a whole bunch of other factors.

Other answer:

Considering that the richest person in the world has about $79 billion, I'd say it's not yet possible to be a trillionaire. The leap from 79 billion to a thousand billion is simply too great in today's dollars.
Aside from the time that you spend developing this idea…

Conceivably …about 24 hours.

1 hour to research the companies to contact.

2 hours to call and set up appointments to show your product.

10 hours to take a plane or drive a car to where the meeting is set up.

2 hours to hammer out a deal and sign it in the presence of lawyers and Notaries.

9 hours for the money to transfer to your account.

In reality you will have to meet with a few companies to get them bidding against each other, and in the end they will probably buy the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell your product over a ten year period and you would get a million cash and stock plus stock options that would be worth well…WELL over a trillion dollars at the end of ten years.

I am already a Trillionaire as I possess a Zimbabwean 100 Trillion Dollar note:…

It might take over 300 years.
The Oracle of Omigod:
Since no one has ever done it, you will have to wait a century or so until the currency is debased enough.

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