How much do first-year lawyers earn in chicago , also which type of lawyers earn more: private or those who work for companies?

Pls give me a number for the salary

Other answer:

it varies widely depending on where they work.
Mortal Dimunitive:
It's all voluntary but if you must have a #
129 thousand
Casey Y:
Where did you go to law school? How about undergrad? More than anything else, this will dictate your pay as opposed to the actual job chosen.
Donald B:
The answer to this depends on which law school you attended and how high you ranked in your class. The first year attorneys who went to prestigious law schools and ranked in the top 10% start out at way over $100,000. These grads go to law firms. Those from lower ranked school in the bottom half of their class often cannot get a job anywhere. Companies rarely hire new graduates as they want people who have experience. Attorneys who work for themselves need to have experience or become "ambulance chasers" who look for people who need to be defended.