How much do I have to pay monthly for Kaiser health insurance?

I live in LA, Cali. I work at McDonald s and I can t afford an expensive health insurance. My sister is saying its 300-500$ a month minimum. Are you serious? Anyone know? I'm only 17.

Other answer:

The monthly premiums Kaiser charges may be lower if you buy it on the CoveredCA insurance exchange. I thought it was around $250 a month but I am in a different county from you. Since you are 17 you cant buy insurance anyway. Your parents or guardian are legally responsible for your health insurance. If McDonald's does not offer insurance, get a job elsewhere like Starbucks or Costco who offer part-timers insurance.
Kaiser has many different insurance plans. They are not all the same price, or even close.
It depends on how much you make, the size of your household, your age, and if you smoke. If your household income is low enough you might qualify for welfare (Medi-Cal). If not low enough for welfare it might be low enough to qualify for a subsidy which could pay all or a portion of the premium of a policy.

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