How much do you need to save to move to another state?

NO job and just your car and some clothes.

Other answer:

You do not have to save any money to move to another State. You basically pack up your car or your U Haul and go for it. It is helpful if you have a skill of some kind so that you can fit in to wherever you are going so as not to become a slacker.
Kim R:
Moving to NYC? Then save up at least $12,000 at a bare minimum. Going to rural Alabama instead? Then you need less, like $3,500 or so. Research the job market where you plan to go, and check on rental prices, too. Set yourself up to succeed, not to become homeless and destitute.
Bostonian In MO:
I moved from my old home in Joplin, MO to my wife's home in Grove, OK last year for the cost of a one day U-Haul truck rental (about $125) and the cost of 2 gallons of gas to drive my car.
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Got a friend to live with? Gas money, and chip in generously for food (and do way more than your share of tidying up).

No friend? Gas money, security deposit, first month's rent, utility deposit, and enough to live on for several months until you get a job.

Google extended stay motels hotels in areas u going to be JOB hunting.
Figure minimum of 9 months renting costs
Linda R:
Unless you have family, in the other state, you can live with while you look for work – don't go.
you need to have enough cash to live on for as many months as it will take to find a job and housing
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