How much does it cost for private investigator to get photos of my cheating spouse?

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Prices vary just like in any service business. Should be in the $100 – $250 per hour range and you set the number of hours you are willing to pay for. There is no guarantee that they will be successful. Good Luck
WHY?? If you are tired of your spouse, and have driven him to have an affair, why not just file for divorce. A no fault divorce, does NOT consider cheating, or photos, or other "evidence". You just divide everything and move on!
John D:
You've been watching too many 40's B detective movies. After you pay a thousand bucks to get pictures, what exactly are you going to do with them? Sounds to me like you just want to fight, which is probably why your marriage is in trouble to begin with.
Instead of hiring a detective apply for a divorce. You know you're not happy in the marriage, so why prolong it.
What would be the point? If your marriage is over, start divorce proceedings. You don't need any specific grounds.
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about $350 – $400 / HR, of course this is cheaper range.. it can go so much higher..

Hire a student in college someone with camera… then stock them is much cheaper

whatever their rate is, could be he will charge an overall one time fee, or charge you by the hour etc, there is no set amount, all investigators have their own fee schedule

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