How much is a food truck?

First question, how much is a food truck? small size, a used one.

I'm gonna start selling some food during a bazaar or in a market.
where is the legal place to park your food truck? on the beach, is it ok? I live in LA.

Other answer:

U NOT even close to qualify for a food truck.
How much ?
Where ! !.
U year or two away from food truck, here.
TRY actually asking local educated adults for actual info locally.
that might depend on whether you need refrigeration or not
a normal truck, good, clean and with proper shelving to protect the products will probably suffice
you may have to get health dept approval, a truck that will require refrigeration will cost considerably more
and used truck prices can scan the scale
Elaine M:
How hard is it to google 'used food trucks ___your city's name___"? They're sold just like used cars and trucks.
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Start with a simple business plan and financial projections to understand whether the business is viable.
Bout $5,000 I think dude. Thats a lot of sandwiches.