How much is an overdraft fee?

For 15$ at a credit union

Best Answer:

?: It doesn't matter how much you overdraft. The charge will always be the same. At my credit union it's $25 each day the account is negative

Other answer:

On the news just a few days ago (CBS or ABC?) I heard 35$. Besrt avoid overdrafts indeed.
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and some banjs chanrge 35 dollars and $10 to20 EACH DAY oue account is overdrawn
$1.00 or $100 same fee

And there is no set answer, if you over drafted your account, call and ask or go to the website, it may even be listed there

In my area, $35 is typical.
Gary B:
USUALLY $25 – $35.
Donald K:
depends on the bank. TCF charges 37.00, Cap One charges 35.
depends on the credit union… most charge $25
Ask them, they'll tell you.

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