How much is city, state and federal, medicare, SSI, income tax rate combined in phoenix arizona?

its confusing, and I want to confirm what I am reading on 12 different sites. I would appreciate a break down for city, county, state, federal and all other income taxes so that I see each item and then the total percentage taken. (minimum wage $8.05)
(thank you)

Other answer:

Soci security and medicare totql 7.6% BTW, SSI is something totally different from social security, is a type of welfare, and is not deducted from your paycheck.

State and federal income tax depend on.your total income and deductions for the year, info you don't give. For withholding amount, depends on what you put on your W-4, again info you don't give.

no way to tell
SS is 6.2%, Medicare is 1.45%(combined as FICA, 7.65%)
if Az has a state employee tax it could be 1% or more or less
if you have city or county taxes on your income that will be based on where you are
the amount of income tax for both fed and state will depend on how you file your W-4 with your employer
Max Hoopla:
Income tax is 27% of income tax on your federal return.
Any payroll calculator sites got info.

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