How much money do I need to save for my retirement? I am 22 years old and not sure when I will die. I plan on living till 100.?

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Start at $20 per pay and add $5 to $10 every other month. If you can add more to it, do it. My wife and I started at $15 per pay.When we both retired in 2002, we were puting away $200 per pay.
Mortal Dimunitive:
You can plan to live to 900,
You have little say in that
Slow growth mutual funds.
100$ a week will make you a millionaire by 50
You will need approximately $2,000,000. IF your investments return 8% annually and you leave 4% to cover inflation you will be able to withdraw 4%. 4% of 2 million is $80,000 before taxes and probably $60,000 per year after taxes. In 45 years $60,000 will not be a tremendous amount of money. You may be able to achieve $2,000,000 is you begin saving 10% of your gross salary annually for retirement now.
4 million dollars would be good now. In about 78 years, you will need many, many more millions of dollars than that. I cannot guess with any kind of accuracy at all how many more millions you will need. Inflation is a fact of life but, who knows at what rate it will grow. In the 1930s, a loaf of bread was a nickel. In the late 60s/early 70s, a chocolate bar was 10 cents, a popsicle, a nickel. And houses – over the course of a few decades, you could make 6 times what you paid – a very good investment indeed.

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