How much money does tax take away from you???!!?

if i m making like $5,000 a month, how much money will I have left after tax??! how much does tax take away/ how much do I have to pay

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Depends on your deductions, filing status, age… other factors. Typically, assume you're gonna lose between 25-30% between FICA/FUTA, and federal income taxes. If your state has income taxes, it'll be higher. You'll also potentially have payroll deductions for health insurance, life insurance, dental, vision, 401(k), and any employer-specific "perks" like a company gym, cafeteria or on-site meals, and that kind of thing.
you know that 7.65% is withheld for FICA until you reach the maximum for the year
your state might have an employee tax, it could be 1% or more or less, and it also has a maximum
the amount of income tax will depend on how you file your W-4 with your employer
oil field trash:
It will be in the 15% to 25% not counting Social Security which is another 7% or so.
It's around 33%
it depends on your status (married or singled) and what you put on your W4.

See for a good and free calulator.

It depends on the percentage you agreed upon and if you have dependents
Pascal the Gambler:
at least 25%, probably more given the income.
your NET pay will be about 70%
Max Hoopla:
Look at your pay statement.

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