How much should one person spend on groceries per week?

I go to the grocery store every other week and I'm spending between $80 – $90. That seems a lot. I shop mainly at Aldi's. I'll also spend another $10-$20 the next week.

Best Answer:

Linus: That rather depends on what you're buying. You're spending about $200 a month, which is $6-7 a day. Not excessive but how much of that is actually food? And if you want to reduce it, how much do you do of your own cooking? It's always cheaper not to buy packaged meals.

Other answer:

You're spending $200/month. That sounds about right to me for one person.

What people spend really varies if you include things like alcohol, personal care products, cleaning products, pet food…all the other "stuff" people pick up at the grocery store.

That seems about right. We spend 400 a month for the 2 of us. Location and what youre buying matters.
No one can really give you an answer on that. I mean u should spend as much as u please when u want. Ppl are all different sizes and household sizes different. Everyone financial situation is different
That is NOT that much. It depends on individuals.
well you should get a partner two can live as cheap as one they say

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