How much should you charge a roommate that lives in a 4 bedroom $300k house with you?

If you give them a garage stall for their car, full access to the house plus their own bedroom?
Single Bedroom Apts in my area go for $800-1200/month, depending on the quality.

Best Answer:

fightforlove: This is more than renting a room; this is a roommate. Big difference. It shouldn't be any different than renting an apartment. Two roommates; each pays half the rent, half the utilities and if they share meals; half the grocery bill. Since you aren't paying rent but are instead paying a mortgage then you charge half the mortgage. If you think it's too much then you figure out what you think is fair by calling or checking out apartment complexes online and seeing how much this person would have to pay for a nice apartment in your area – and charge the roommate half of that amount for the rent. For example, my apartment is $955 a month; if I had a roommate the roommate would pay $477.50 for rent. Still require the roommate to pay half of the utilities.

With a $1400 a month mortgage; I see no reason why you shouldn't charge a roommate half that.

My apartment complex charges $25 or $30 a month for the use of a garage.

Other answer:

i would look at the going rate in the area for a similar room and add $50/month for the garage..look on craigslist at room my area you might get 125-150/week for the room alone….1 bedroom apartments are mostly 1200+ with limited near 1000.

since you are investing in the equity of the home, roommate isn't, roommate doesn't pay half….
you could potentially look into what 1/4th monthly expenses were since there are 4 bedrooms.

depending on down payment will be 1100-1400 PLUS property tax, insurance, utilities…in my area, that would likely be about $1100 more minimum….add in cable/internet..its 2400 minimum total

ken truong:
"Single Bedroom Apts in my area go for $800-1200/month, depending on the quality"

you got to understand, your roommate is just renting a room there with no privacy except his room. Single bedroom apts have privacy for the whole place. Since he is only taking 1 room, you can not charge him half. You are welcomed to rent out the other unoccupied rooms but you cannot charge him more than it should be just because you can not find more renters

For 1 bedroom around 300-400 aud a week
measure the space for the bedroom and the garage and compare with the overall total space of the entire house and garage, when you have arrived at a % then charge them that % of your mortgage payment
If the person also has a private bathroom, the rent should be between $650 – $750.
per month.
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You should both be paying half

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