How much taxes will i get back if i been working for only 6 months?

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Tax refunds are merely a way of reimbursing you for extra taxes you paid during the year (as listed on your pay stub). Basically – everyone has a tax liability when they work. Your liability is estimated by your employer based upon the information included on your W-4. Obviously since an estimate is very rarely the exact amount you should have paid, you fill out a tax return each year to reconcile the difference between what you actually paid and what you actually owed. If you did not have enough withheld, you might even owe the government. And just for the record, you will not get back the Social Security and Medicare taxes you paid.
Your tax and any refund do not depend on how many months you worked. If you have low income you will owe less tax and possibly qualify for credits.
You don't understand what a refund is. It's not a bonus for working. Your employer takes money out of your paycheck and sends it to the IRS to prepay your tax. If they take too much, you get the overpayment back. f they don't take enough, you have to pay the rest – there's nothing to get back..
Max Hoopla:
You pay taxes. You will get them back in the form of government services.
It could be nothing or a million dollars or any other amount. It is determined by how much money you made and several other factors — but not by how long you worked.
One has nothing to do with the other. If you overpay throughout the year, you will get some back. If you underpay, you will be required to send in a check to pay your balance owing.
Not necessarily any. It depends upon how much you earned in those six months and how you filled out your W4.
if you are single and did not make $10450, any income tax that was withheld will be refunded when you file your tax return
Pascal the Gambler:
depenson what you made, what was withheld, and your filing status, etc. Maybe nothing, maybe you owe some.

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