How much would be a monthly bill for a car that's is $25,000 with a perfect credit score with $3,000 down?

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before you figure that, call your car insurance man and ask what's the cheapest car you could get (new or used) that would be a safe car that your insurance rates won't be thru the roof. Then determine the car you want but pay no more than $150 a month (which would probably be a car around $15,000. It would be better if you got a used car. You'd want to get a car with the lowest payments you can get because the economy is bad and if you lose your job you'd still have to pay for your car and car insurance.
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Steve D:
With a Very Good/Excellent credit score (nobody has a perfect credit score) your payments at 2.75% for 5 years will be just under $400
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Ur parents can explain the reality of car ownership buying insurance to u locally as it varies greatly.
They can help with ur homework and teach u how to ask questions.