How soon can I pay taxes for income earned this year so that I can get my refund as soon as possible?

Other answer:

If your return includes an earned income credit or additional child credit, your refund will not be issued until after February 15, 2017. You can file as soon as you have all your paperwork and the IRS opens for e-filing. The IRS estimates they will open mid-January.
To be on the safe side, figure that you can file your 2016 tax return on February 1, 2017 at the earliest and receive a refund of your overpaid income taxes in a short period of time.
LOL! You really do n ot understand how taxes work. A refund is just a repayment of overpaid taxes. You pay taxes when you earn income and if you are due a refund, you get it once you have submitted your return. You cannot file your return until you have all your paperwork from your employer, bank etc.
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Pascal the Gambler:
About mid January.
Amy Only:
Returns that include EIC and/or additional child tax credit will not be issued until February 15th at the earliest this year, per the IRS
Ryan M:
WOW!! So you want to hurry up and overpay taxes so you can quickly get that overpayment back??? Do you even know what a tax refund is??
you and no one else can file taxes for 2016 until mid Jan when IRS is ready to accept tax returns
for one thing forms are not ready and it is possible if legislation is enacted in late Dec it will be mid Jan before they are even ready
Max Hoopla:
You pay as you go and file your return as soon as you get your W-2s
First date is not yet announced, is usually sometime. in the second half of January

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