How to approach a pet store franchise owner to bring their business to your town?

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If he's a franchise owner he's already GOT the store he bought for the franchise, they rarely get more than one. Contact the main franchise website for the company instead.
You seem to be sure that a pet franchise would be successful in your town. Why don't you open a store?
if he is a franchise owner he will be limited to what he has in contract with the major company, he probably can't open another franchise, and definitely will be limited to satellite stores
Go to a franchise fair and meet with the franchisers there and ask them what the cost is to bring one to your town
John D:
That's is one job of a mayor. Many larger cities will have an office for promoting and attracting new business to their city. It is not the slightest bit unusual and it doesn't hurt to ask. Or, as Bob said, call him on the phone.
Unless you are ready to invest or know someone who is a Franchisor has no ability to force someone to open a franchise in any given town.
Casey Y:
Would you please consider opening a store in my town? If the town is small, don't waste their time.
call him on the phone

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