How to become a TSA pat downer agent?

I wanna become a TSA Pat downer so I can pat down some sexy guys, so how do I get this job?
I'm a girl btw

Other answer:

I would advise you to go to random strangers on the street (Preferably blacks) and practice your groping and pat down techniques on them. Try to get a camera man to film it and post that video on Youtube. Try calling it a "social experiment" and get the best reactions you can possibly get. Good luck bro and try to get dat fat youtube money homie!
You apply to

But these jobs typically have you patting down a person of the same sex.

Yeah, because it's mostly sexy guys going through those lines, all day every day. Rethink your career choice.
Re Vera:
You don't. People like you get caught and bounced out on your ***.

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