How to compare car insurance premium?

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The car insurance premium comparison should be done on the basis of apple to apple comparison as a change in any parameter creates a huge difference in insurance premiums. Turtlemint helps to compare all the policies on a click with a side by side comparison and get the best deals with better features and maximum coverage and that too on a click
The car insurance premium is based on multiple parameters like type of policy which can be third party, comprehensive or both and the passenger insurance cover and the corresponding amount for which they are covered along with cashless benefits. In order to compare premium one should first make the features same and then start comparing to get fare idea on premiums
You ask each company, one at a time, what they would charge FOR YOU. It is different for every driver. You need to find out the price for you. The price for someone else doesn't matter. The cheapest for someone else could be the most expensive for you.
Well, going online isn't the way to do it – they harvest your personal information and sell it. There's no shortcut – you have to call and shop around to REAL places – not those online places.
Ziff Spiffington:
call multiple insurance companies for the exact same coverage, same car – OBVIOUSLY
This question is causing confusion for me too

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